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Iron Sharpens Iron

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

This section of my blog is not solely of my own creation. Every piece you find in here will be created due to a challenge given to me by someone else’s mind.

Yesterday evening I put a post out on my Facebook page for people to give me random titles that I’ll either write a poem or blog about using the recommended title. This ‘iron sharpens iron exercise is something a group of my fellow writers and poets would do with one another on a regular basis.

Some of my most enjoyable times in life writing came from these sorts of challenges. Topics could be uncomfortable, some were extremely fun writes, and some would even have you racking your brain thinking “who thought of this?” which if you asked me, was the goal of whomever gave said title.

If you have a title you’d like me to tackle, let me know. My hope is this ‘iron sharpens iron’ challenge will catch a little fire and hopefully bring some of the old crew out (aheem, cough, Mike) and have them creating pieces for this section as well. I also would like to join in and see what others (aheem, cough, Bilal) create.

Y’all can’t have all the fun…

Peace and Love,



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