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We Don't Want a Good President, We Want … Joe Biden?

As we all know, former Vice President, Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee. Joe served under our nations first African American President Barack Obama for 8 years. You would think after being Obama’s running mate and collecting all of that Black-Voter cache, it would be a no brainer to support and rally behind Joe Biden. However, this is not the case. Joe has a lot of ground to cover with Black voters and it starts with acknowledgment and an apology for his past policies.

Sadly, the Black vote has been dished out to democratic politicians without any sort of quid pro quo. It has always been a safe bet for democrats that they would seemingly inherit the Black vote. But this is not the day of yester-year. Our votes matter. We showed that by showing up when Obama initially ran. We also showed that in 2016 when Trump ran by staying home. If “Uncle Joe” expects our votes, he should earn them!

Standing next to us, does not mean a person cares about or is for us. Joe Biden is responsible for the 86 Crack Laws (Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986). Joe Biden is behind the 94 Crime Bill. Those two agendas, helped to destroy Black people and Black families. Those two agendas sit squarely at Crazy Joe’s feet and to my understanding, he has yet to apologize and take ownership. It’s time. It’s time for Joe to admit that he got it wrong. It’s time for Joe to take a national podium and tell us all that he got it wrong! His hands are theoretically behind every gavel, every set of cuffs, and every prison door that was banged, tightened, and shut to the multitude of Black men and women who suffered behind his agenda.

Recently Joe released his ‘Lift Every Voice’ campaign showcasing a six pillar plan for Black voters. Each pillar details benefits for African Americans. Each pillar seemingly has us in mind. But how strongly does Joe feel about this campaign and agenda if he is just now disclosing it? Why did it take tons of backlash and us demanding some sort of Black agenda for him to release something? The simple answer is, he assumed he would inherit the vote. He assumed that he would automatically receive the voter turnout President Obama received. Again, Joe is wrong.

If Joe Biden is to receive our vote he needs first to apologize and acknowledge his past short-comings. He must stand tall on his Lift Every Voice campaign and sit in the fire as we the people question and break down each pillar. He needs to show honesty, sympathy and empathy. Pandering to us will never get you what you want. Hillary learned that after she was dragged on social media for stating she always has hot sauce in her purse during an interview popular Black program.

Joe, you want our vote? Earn it. Don’t pander. Don’t simply provide surface fluff. Put yourself in positions where your six pillars can be broken down and expressed. Select a quality running mate of color that can offset your age and privilege. Assure this individual also has a Black agenda, can stand on their own, and is presidential in their own right. Speak openly and candidly regarding what you want, and more importantly how you plan to execute them. We know the problems; we’re looking for solutions.

Baseem S. Gregg

written 5/6/2020


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