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Baseem S. Gregg

Bestselling Author

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About the Author

Crown & Glory by Baseem S. Gregg black children's books

Baseem S. Gregg is a Bestselling Author and owner of Prevail Publishing Group. His children's books have been graciously read across the United States via school officials & teachers, as well as within learning centers by staff & directors. He is a staunch advocate for minority children's literacy, and representation within his imagery. He strives to bring forth literature that will touch all and is consistently humbled by the positive feedback of parents, educators, and children alike.

One Day Youll Be King by Baseem S. Gregg
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"As an African American man, I know first hand how important it is for children who may look like me to have the ability to see themselves on-page and fall in love with characters they may directly relate to."  -Baseem S. Gregg

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