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10 Things a “Good” Man Notices About Women

10 Things a “Good” Man Notices About Women

· Your Smile

Ladies, I know, you’re tired of hearing things like “why you looking like that” or “why don’t you smile” … I get it. Hey maybe you’re having a crap day and there is NOTHING worth smiling about at the moment. But please note men love to see a woman smile. Especially, if that smile on your face is because of them. So, once in a while, even if you’re not in the mood or in a relationship, throw a smile with that rejection, lol. It’ll hurt less.

· Your Nails and/or Feet

Let’s get one thing straight, I hate feet, lol. They’re disgusting. There’s no such thing as “pretty feet” to me. However, that doesn’t mean your toes should be getting their hammer time on. Men always notice a woman’s nails and feet. It somehow speaks to a woman’s attention to detail of “her” which then speaks to us knowing she cares about herself. Also, they don’t have to be “done” every single day but a little polish goes a long way. Even more so, if your polish is chipping… umm, why not take it off? In that aspect, less is definitely more.

· How You Keep Your Home or Apartment

Don’t be a dirty birdie. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Trust me when I say a good man notices how you keep your place. Granted, we all know things aren’t going to be show-room ready 24/7 but there’s a difference between being messy and being filthy. Knock out them dishes. Throw a vacuum. It’s okay to be able to see your bathroom counter, lol. Keep in mind a good man is looking long term. So, if your home is consistently repugnant, you’re leading him to believe the home you’ll eventually share will also be repugnant.

· How You Keep Your Car

This is similar to above. If a man gets into your vehicle or if you’re simply visiting him… he looks into your car. Again, if that car is consistently repugnant, you’re telling him something without saying a word. So, when you got a day off, take 30 minutes to hit up that car wash for a quick rinse and vacuum. It’s worth it. I’m sure you’ll be more confident and comfortable in a clean surrounding.

· How You Carry Yourself

This is BIG one! A good man notices this like he notices his favorite player on any professional team. He notices how you walk. How you talk. How you dress. Your mannerisms. And so on and so on. A good man isn’t solely looking for a good time, he’s looking or a good woman. A woman who carries herself with style and grace is one that not only catches they eye, but she KEEPS the eye. I see a lot of women who dress and often talk like one of the boys. This is cool at times, but who wants to date and/or marry a person who calls them “bro” all the time?

· How You Hustle

Every good man wants to be the provider. This goes without saying. But make no mistake you showing your hustle and being able to help and/or support at times speaks VOLUMES to him. Bills don’t get paid with a pretty face and generational wealth can’t be built off it either. Understand, a good man wants a teammate. A partner they can defer to if need be. Let us never forget Ne-Yo’s classic record “Miss Independent.” That drive and/or hustle is SUPER sexy!

· How You Talk to Him

Ladies, I know. Sometimes we can be extremely hard-headed and you have to get on our butts! However, please, please, know that your encouragement or lack thereof is an extremely powerful thing. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.” By nature, a woman magnifies everything she’s given. You turn houses into homes, groceries into meals and children into families. You have extreme power, use it to benefit not destroy. Thus, if you have a good man, push him with purpose and he’ll become a great one.

· How You Smell

Ohhh weee! Your scent. Your essence. A good man pays attention to your fragrance! Have you ever been somewhere and an older woman sashays in and fills the room up with both her energy and perfume? That’s it! Now I’m not saying you need to be smelled from 20 feet away. But the smell you carry on you a man carries with him forever. It can be as subtle as your lotion or whatever is in your hair. A good man remembers your smell.

· If You Can Cook

I know the world today will tell you home cooked meals are overrated. But let me be the first to tell you, THAT IS A LIE! A good man wants to know you can get down in the kitchen. He looks forward to your specialty meals. He loves to watch you in the kitchen, singing, humming, hooking up a mean offering of deliciousness for HIM! Don’t you let the world fool you into believing Stouffer’s is your friend. No ma’am! Learn you a few dishes and show that man you can burn baby burn! Again, a good man isn’t simply looking for a good time and/or fast food. He’s looking for that long term, stick-to-your-ribs woman/love.

· How You Treat Your Children or Children in General

If you encounter a good man with or without children… this is important. If he wants children, he’s paying attention to see what type of mother YOU will be one day. He wants to know that his children will get all he wants them to get from their mom, and then some. Now, if you’re dealing with a good man who already has children, you must be on your game. A good man will be a Father to his children regardless if that previous relationship worked out or not. Thus, he’s paying close attention to you because if things progress, you will eventually not only meet his children but be in their lives. So, if you don’t like or want children… speak up! Don’t be a bad woman by dragging a good man along.

· Bonus: How You Look Without Makeup or Dressed Down

I know you ladies like to be your finest selves at all times. I get it. But here’s a news flash for you, if you got yourself a good man… he wants to see you without makeup and dressed down. He loves and adores you so much that getting glammed 24/7 doesn’t matter to him. You’re just as beautiful with a naked face and sweats on as you are dressed head to toe with your favorite heals on. That being said, if you find yourself dealing with a man who needs you suited and booted all day every single day… he’s a bozo. Drop that clown!!

Note: You may or may not agree with some, all, or none of this list. This is simply some quick tidbits I put together for people based off of what I’ve seen and experienced in life. Feel free to add other things you thing good men notice.


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