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10 Things a “Good” Woman Notices About Men

10 Things a “Good” Woman Notices About Men

· How You Dress

You don’t have to be in a three-piece suit. You don’t have to be in slacks and a button up. BUT you should want to look NEAT and CLEAN. A good woman isn’t looking for just any old thing, nor is she looking for someone she has to literally put together. Be mindful of your appearance. Take pride in your attire and be yourself with your own unique style.

· What Your Shoes Look Like

Fellas, this could be a make or break situation for you and you’d have no idea. Just like your attire in general, women notice. You don’t want to have a good look going on and when she looks down your shoes look like they’ve went through a few wars. If you're wearing dress shoes, keep them shining and buffed. Be sure to use shoe horns so they keep their fit. If you’ve got a casual look going, be sure you’ve cleaned your shoes. It doesn't take long to wipe down your shoes and dust off the laces. If ANYTHING is white on the shoe, make sure they’re white vs white-ish.

· How You Smell

Soap and water is a necessity but that’s not the end all be all! A man needs to have a few go-to fragrances that compliment HIM and who he is. You don’t have to go for the most expensive and you should NEVER go for the most popular. I don’t think you want to smell like every other guy she knows, do you? Better yet, you definitely don’t want to smell like the ex-boyfriend she hates. Not to get all scientific and deep on you… our sense of smell trigger memory, which then can trigger emotion. Be mindful. You don’t want to smell like everyone else. You don’t want to smell like her dad. And you absolutely don’t want to smell like the loser ex.

· How You Accessorize

I know, I know. We live in a day and time where many of men are bypassing watches. Who needs to see the time when it’s on your phone right? WRONG! A watch is and will FOREVER be timeless. It can complete and enhance your attire. Throw on a small necklace. Add a bracelet or a ring once in a while. Gold, silver, beaded, doesn’t matter. You can and should have accessories to fit any ensemble you throw together. Trust me, its noticeable and shows you care about your appearance.

· How You Speak About Your Mother & Women in General (especially your ex’s)

Here me, here me, here me! A good woman listens when you speak. They’re not looking for buzz words like how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. They truly LISTEN when you speak. Thus, being a man who mistreats his mother and/or bashes women in general is a HUGE red flag to a good woman. Oh, and I cannot stress this one enough, don’t bash your ex’s. Good women do NOT want to sit around as you verbally assault the last woman/women any chance you get. Why? Because it makes you look petty, immature, and here’s the big one… still into her/them! Let it go. You say you’ve moved on, move on.

· If You Make Eye Contact While Speaking to Them

Hey, I get it. You may be nervous. This is your first encounter. There’s a lot going on around you and/or your phone is hotter than it’s been in days. SO WHAT! You’re speaking to her, give her your attention. Have enough respect to be in the moment and look her in the eyes when speaking. She’s giving you her time for a reason. Whomever is buzzing your phone can wait. Don’t miss your shot on the court by focusing on the audience. Be present fellas, be present!

· If You Notice ANY Other Women While in Their Presence

I’ve seen this happen many times in my life. A man is out with a woman – could be a date, could just be platonic friends – and he is noticing other women vs the woman he’s with. Every-single-time I see this happen I IMMEDIATELY look at the woman and see 1 or 2 things happen. She either cuts and rolls her eyes or she gives homeboy the STANK face! Fellas, I said it above and I’ll say it again, a good woman notices! Hey, she knows you have eyes and will possibly look at other women walking by or an attractive waitress, she knows. But she also KNOWS you are there with HER and she expects you to respect her enough to treat her accordingly. Don’t be like the others gents I’ve seen.

· How You Decorate Your Home or Apartment

I get it. You’re single. This is your bachelor pad. You don’t need much other than a comfy, albeit beat to hell, sofa, your TV and gaming system, right? WRONG! You’re an adult. Get you a complete furniture set. Clean up your house. Have some smell good going on. Make a woman feel comfortable when she visits. I mean, you do want her to come back, don’t you? Well, if you would like her to WANT to come to your place it cannot and should not feel like she’s doing you a favor. Get your grown man on and get your house in order. And for heavens sake, those sandpaper motel 6-ish towels need to be replaced with something soft and deserving of a woman. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to make your bed with matching sheets and comforter too.

· If You Can Hold a Conversation (not about their looks or sex)

Everyone has talked about sex, right? What they like or don’t like. Things they’ve done or want to try. I get it. However, if that’s ALL you talk about. If you’re holding a convo simply to ease in some sex talk, you’re going to miss out on a good quality woman. Again, a good woman LISTENS. News flash, many of women who only like to talk about sex and/or always initiate that topic, typically aren’t the best of women. Yeah, you may have the “fun” you’re looking for but what do they have to offer outside of something that’s so easily and readily offered? Bigger news flash, the one(s) you opted to ghost because they weren’t “fun” to you, were probably a few conversations from blowing your mind, body, and soul. Think on that!

· How You Initially Approach Them (or lack thereof)

I’ve discussed this topic a great deal over the years. Fellas, why do so many of us try to fit in when you’re supposed to be a STAND OUT! Stop doing literally what EVERY other dude does. Many women have told me how us men typically approach with the same ole BS. The DM’s and Text messages, and the same old tired minute convos. Do better. Be original. Better yet, and most importantly, be YOURSELF! If she doesn’t like you for who you are, cool. There’s someone who will love exactly who you are.

· Bonus: If You’re Genuinely Funny or Simply Corny

Okay, I know some of the fellas won’t get this because they’re simply not funny. It happens. However, don’t try too hard. If your humor is being returned with stares and straight faces…this isn’t your lane, exit immediately. Don’t be the guy saying random corny jokes. It makes things awkward. But more importantly, it’s a turn off. You seem out of touch and not very interesting at all. Know your strengths and lean in.

Note: You may or may not agree with some, all, or none of this list. This is simply some quick tidbits I put together for people based off of what I’ve seen and experienced in life. Feel free to add other things you think good women notice.


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